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April 1 to October 15

Peace, Nature & Relaxation


You are perhaps in search for peace, wide open spaces amid mother nature to pitch your tent or park your motorhome or caravan while you enjoy outdoor barbecue.

You will definitely love it here as our campsite is teeming with all the wonders of nature at its best and is conveniently located just at the heart of Albâtre Coast in Normandy.

Pitches by the pond

The pitches are not limited and you can occupy a space between 100m² and 200m² to your satisfaction.

There are about 800m of shoreline around the lake and 400m along the rivers where you can camp and fish, 25 pitches are equipped with electricity.

You will also find 3 water fountains, one sanitary block is allocated for the fishers and a sanitary block for both the caravan residents and the campers.

Residential Pitches


You can become a tenant by owning a mobile home or a caravan.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or should you wish to come and visit us.


101 rue de la Vallée
76730 Gueures
(+33) 02 35 83 08 94

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