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April 1 to October 15

A fishing paradise in Normandy


Two rivers cross the campsite, the Saâne, a beautiful river which is traversable with canoe-kayak, and is rich in trout which can be fished provided you have a national fishing license and the Vienne, a small river closed to fishing.

The 5-hectare pond is mainly used to fish carps (veiled, common and mirror carps) as well as sturgeons. But you can likewise find other varieties of fishes which we provide in the photos.

Fishing Contests are possible upon request of the organizer. The pond may be made exclusive from October to March on request.

A small pond is especially constructed for the children to facilitate their roach fishing.


101 rue de la Vallée
76730 Gueures
(+33) 02 35 83 08 94

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